Just another word for nothing left to lose

“Generalizing about an event while that event is in the process of occurring is like scanning the horizon from a hole. Yet we seldom generalize about events at any other time.” — Robert Grudin, Time and the Art of Living

I was going to attempt to say something interesting and compelling about this quote, but nothing interesting and compelling comes to mind. More’s the pity.

Yesterday, there were just three three-foot sections of fence extension that hadn’t been installed. S, working in the backyard on another project, reported witnessing a light bulb go on over Petra’s head. It had been several days since she attempted to escape, but now she realized that there were openings in the wall. She lit out across the yard and leaped over one of the three-foot open sections, landing in our easement and vanishing. We tracked her to a neighbor’s house. The neighbor stood outside on her porch, watching us attempt to seduce Petra to arm’s length with treats and sweet words. “I had one of those,” she said, meaning a jumper.

Today, S finished the remaining holes in the fence extension and called me out to admire it. As we were surveying the project, Petra came to the sudden realization that her freedom had been dramatically curtailed. She spent the next half hour roaming the yard, standing on her hind legs and sniffing the fence extension, and whimpering pathetically.

We didn’t feel the least bit bad for her.


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