Home sweet ranch

Dr. Andrew Weil has put his Vail, AZ, compound on the market. The property taxes are estimated at $21K/annually.

Holy sh*t. That works out to about double my monthly mortgage payment.

The property features a “stone labyrinth,” a description that’s far more exciting than the reality. I mean, I’ve got this in mind. This summer, I was at Canyon Ranch. I went on a walk, following signage advertising a maze. Their maze and Dr. Weil’s stone labyrinth turned out to be the same thing: circular meditation paths bordered by river rocks. Which, OK. I can see how the terms “stone,” “labyrinth,” and “maze” technically apply. Maybe I should add one in my backyard to boost my property value?

Look, it’s a cool piece of land with beautiful views and an interesting mix of living and working spaces. But. No one’s going to buy that as-is. It’s too personal. Even if there is a buyer out there for a whole living ranch, a Canyon Ranch of one’s own…if that buyer’s got $3.25M to spend, my guess is that they’d go custom. This is of course why Weil et al are willing to split the property.

I saw Dr. Weil in town once at a now-long-gone restaurant called the Native Café. I was quietly squee-ing about it to my friends (I guess maybe because at the time, I’d adopted his broccoli-with-butter-on-brown-rice thing as a standard dinner), but they had no idea who he was. I also used to work with a woman who would see him driving around town with his Rhodesian Ridgebacks. But that’s neither here nor there.

He’s selling, he says, because he wants to be closer to town, and because he doesn’t have a big family at home anymore. It makes me a bit sad to think how my own dream house (which is being prepped for the market by the owners even now) is not only still firmly in dream territory, but is only dream-appropriate for a horizon of say, 20-30 years.

Dreams, apparently, are moving targets.


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