Don’t fence me in

It’s gotten worse. My acrobatic girl, Petra, leaps over walls at will, sometimes kicking her feet up with an extra thoroughbred flourish that would be insulting if it wasn’t funny.

Yesterday morning, she opened the gate somehow. She and Banjo ran pell-mell through the neighborhood, weaving in and out and around things, checking in with each other periodically. S tracked them to a neighbor’s yard, where Banjo commenced fence-fighting with a couple of confused dogs. He was walking them back, one collar in each hand, when I came driving up to help. He threw them in the vehicle and we drove home.

Construction on our block wall extension started last week but S has accelerated the pace. He’s built out 2×4 framing to which he’s attaching two-foot high sections of corrugated steel, a rustic Tucson look. We purchased the steel at a local salvage yard, Gerson’s, which is full of wondrous things.

It is my hope that once complete, the wall will fully contain that little bitch.


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