The beauty myth

Wow, you know the economy is bad when high-end cosmetics are on sale. I dropped by Sephora last night to look around and was surprised to discover their $10 beauty steals promo. The steals included a Benefit sampler set (which, bfd. I love Benefit, but a sampler set?! With a foundation product all but guaranteed not to match my skintone?! C’mon. Ditto the Nars concealer duo.).

What really blew me away was a pair of full-size Stila bronzers.  I realize that a huge percentage of the population could give a crap about cosmetics, especially high-end cosmetics, but this is really an amazing deal (unless the full-size look is actually just a thin veneer of product baked onto a dome-shaped case–which, let’s be honest–is probably the case with the full-price version anyway.). You can’t get a drugstore bronzer like this for $10, unless we’re talking Wet’n’Wild (and they actually make a very pretty pinky blush called runway that’s something like $4).

I didn’t get the Stila set because only one of the colors would have worked for me. I did get the lemon verbena-scented Oscar Blandi dry shampoo, which I’ve heard great things about, and actually need to combat Day Two Bangs. I also got a two-pack of Bad Gal Lash for a “great” price that would appall S.

Anyhoo, there you go: my makeup obsession, out there on the internets for anyone to see. In another life I could have been a beauty editor. Stay tuned for upcoming/ongoing rants against Ulta (which I would boycott were it not for their generous coupons) and their overly-made-up salespeople of both genders. Plus!  How Sephora corporate owner JCPenny is corroding the brand and why my dermatologist will never get my beauty product dollars. Thank you, internet, for generously absorbing my rants.


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