She’s a free bitch, baby

This weekend, Petra graduated from her basic obedience course. She got a certificate and a bumper sticker, and the instructor diplomatically refrained from saying what everyone knows: that she could definitely stand to repeat the experience. At nine months old, she just doesn’t have the attention span. One day in class I heard a guy telling someone else that the first time he took his dog to class, she was “worse than that one.” I didn’t have to be looking at him to know he was referring to my girl. But! She did win two last-day contests: longest eye contact and fastest recall. So there.

In addition to matriculating from obedience school, Petra managed another milestone this week. She finally discovered what S and I have known all along: that she can jump our backyard block wall. She’s too tall for her own good. She went over twice yesterday, both times galloping across the street to meet our neighbor, Jean.

So on our week off, we will be building a fence extension. Good times.


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